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Baby Shower Balloon Set

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Sweet, sweet balloon set for the baby shower it's a girl, and it's a boy !!! Receive five magical foil balloons for the baby shower - ideal as decoration or as a gift for the parents-to-be. 


Here's how to blow it up perfectly:

Put a straw about 4-5cm between the foil of the balloon and the transparent plastic snippet (sometimes the snippet is also yellow, red, or blue). Hold the foil on the left and right of the straw with your fingers so that as little air as possible gets in between and inflate the balloon.

When your balloon is the shape you want, gently pull out the straw and pinch the ends of the seal. The balloon closes automatically. Make sure you stop blowing when you notice that there is no more air in the balloon so that it does not burst.

To let the air escape again and so that you can use your balloon again, put a straw into the opening again. This time the straw must reach very far into the balloon (with the long side first about to just above the bend). You hear when the air escapes and you can now roll up the balloon from above so that all of the air escapes. After the balloon is completely flat, you can use it again at any time.

Have fun blowing and partying!

  • The balloons are made from imported durable latex material, inflated balloons is non-toxic and not easy to pop. They are safe to be used and played around children.
  •  The balloons can hold both helium and air, perfect for indoor-outdoor use, such as wedding party, home party, baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party, graduation, retirement party, and any other festival party decorations.